January 9, 2023

FORBES: IMAX Enhanced Experience Set To Expand On Disney+

Unless you’ve been making a point of buying the handful of 4K Blu-ray discs out there that have been mastered for the IMAX Enhanced home entertainment experience, you’d be forgiven for thinking based on its appearance on streaming platforms that the IMAX Enhanced system is just a picture quality/screen-filling aspect ratio thing. Actually, though, IMAX Enhanced in its full form has an audio element too. Namely a specially tweaked version of Xperi’s DTS:X multi-channel sound format that adds some IMAX ‘secret sauce’ (which sounds to me like more dynamic range and, perhaps, a slightly more expansive soundstage) to the regular DTS:X experience.

Now, happily, a new arrangement between Xperi and Disney+ means that soon streamers will finally be able to join 4K Blu-ray owners in getting the full picture and sound IMAX Enhanced experience – provided, at least, they’ve got a TV and/or AV receiver capable of handling it.


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