January 14, 2022

MARVEL: Experience Chloé Zhao’s Full Vision For ‘Eternals’ at Home with IMAX

“When we set out to make Eternals, the word ‘immersion’ was everything,” explains director Chloé Zhao.

Marvel Studios’ Eternals arrived earlier this week on Disney+, and you can stream last year’s blockbuster hit with IMAX’s Expanded Aspect Ratio and witness Zhao’s full vision in the comfort of your own home.

“In IMAX, especially with the Expanded Aspect Ratio, it gives so much more,” continues Zhao in the featurette above. “The reason why EAR particularly worked well with Eternals is that we’re constantly seeing our characters, which is human-sized, interacting with Celestials that are ten times the size of Earth. So it’s actually a tool to immerse the audience in the experience of our characters. IMAX just finds that perfect balance, the mythology of the Celestials, the origin of the MCU, in the most glorious format.”

In celebration of Eternals‘ arrival on Disney+, Marvel.com had the opportunity to speak to Bruce Markoe, senior vice president of post production/operations and DMR at IMAX, and Evan Jacobs, creative finishing supervisor at Marvel Studios, on how IMAX’s EAR enhances the home viewing experiences and highlights Zhao’s theatrical vision.”


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