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Which devices are currently certified by IMAX Enhanced?

IMAX Enhanced devices span multiple product categories and premium, best-in-class device manufacturers.
For a more comprehensive list, please visit:

Why did IMAX and DTS launch this program?

While the IMAX theatrical experience continues to be the gold standard in immersive, blockbuster movie-going, the companies saw an opportunity to bring a premier, elevated experience to the home entertainment space.

There are two challenges the program addresses:

  1. Device Differentiation: Helping consumers seamlessly identify best-in-class consumer electronics products.
  2. Optimized Viewing: Creating a premium streaming experience that remains faithful to the filmmaker’s creative intent.

IMAX Enhanced delivers more of what fans demand from IMAX in the home:

  • Content: The only way to experience IMAX’s signature picture, sound and scale in the home—with exclusive, digitally remastered 4K HDR content and immersive audio by DTS.
  • Device Certification: To qualify and carry the IMAX Enhanced logo, 4K HDR televisions, projectors, sound bars, A/V receivers, loudspeakers, powered subwoofers and other premium home entertainment devices must meet carefully prescribed performance requirements established by IMAX, DTS and Hollywood’s leading experts.
  • Premium Streaming: IMAX Mode ensures that 4K streaming content looks and sounds as the filmmaker intended—with select best-in-class devices optimized for fully immersive playback.

What are the benefits of IMAX Enhanced products?

With IMAX Enhanced-certified devices, consumers can take comfort in knowing that these are the highest-end entertainment devices in the market today—capable of delivering the highest-quality 4K HDR streaming content with fully immersive IMAX signature sound. In addition, certain best-in-class devices feature IMAX Mode, which ensures that consumers are experiencing the filmmaker’s vision as intended.

What makes content IMAX Enhanced?

IMAX Enhanced studio partners have announced IMAX Enhanced versions of movies that exclusively feature IMAX’s signature picture, sound and scale:

Picture: Stunning, ultra-vivid 4K HDR picture that utilizes the newest, proprietary Digital Media Remastering technology (DMR) developed by IMAX. DMR accurately reduces noise and grain under the filmmaker’s guidance to best optimize the content for a much higher-quality, higher-brightness 4K HDR display format. Without this technology, high-dynamic range content can actually look worse than what was originally seen and intended by the filmmaker.

Sound: IMAX and DTS have partnered with award-winning Hollywood sound mixers leveraging DTS:X codec technology integrated in home audio equipment to deliver an IMAX signature sound experience with deeper bass and more dynamic range.

Scale: Select IMAX Enhanced titles that were shot with IMAX-certified cameras or specially formatted for IMAX theatres feature its exclusive expanded aspect ratio, enabling viewers to see the full scale and scope of the picture on 4K HDR TVs.

What markets will IMAX Enhanced products and content be available in?

IMAX Enhanced devices are currently available in the US, Europe, and Japan, with more launching worldwide. IMAX Enhanced content is available on premium streaming platforms and Ultra HD Blu-ray Discs in the U.S., Europe, and Japan — with more territories and platforms on the way.

What partners are on board?

Illustrating the depth and breadth of the initiative, IMAX and DTS have announced a number of global technology and entertainment partners, including Sony Electronics, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Paramount Pictures, and over a dozen leading consumer electronics brands spanning multiple product categories. In 2020, expect IMAX Enhanced to accelerate expansion of the ecosystem, by continuing to add leading device manufacturers, studios and streaming entertainment companies.

How is IMAX improving image quality on IMAX Enhanced products?

Today’s 4K and 8K UHD HDR TVs feature higher resolution, brighter images and greater contrast than ever before, which can magnify image imperfections in content, thereby diminishing the filmmaker’s creative intent.

Not only does IMAX’s proprietary Digital Media Remastering (DMR) technology produce the highest-quality, sharpest 4K images, it utilizes an advanced algorithm to clean up images and eliminate imperfections, so you can experience the film exactly as the filmmaker intended. The combination of IMAX Enhanced products, content and streaming platforms results in distinct and breathtaking images featuring vibrant colors, greater contrast and sharper clarity.

Certain IMAX Enhanced TVs will soon feature IMAX Mode, which is being developed in conjunction with leading Hollywood experts and device manufacturers.

What is IMAX Signature Sound?

For every film released in IMAX theatres, IMAX works in close collaboration with the filmmakers and original sound team to create a custom soundtrack fully optimized for IMAX theatres’ point-source surround sound. Instead of using a “near-field mix”—which dulls the impact of IMAX’s theatrical sound system—this proprietary IMAX audio mix is painstakingly recreated for a living room environment, by leveraging DTS:X codec technology integrated in home entertainment equipment to deliver the immersive, heart-pounding sound that consumers expect from IMAX.

What makes an IMAX Enhanced A/V receiver different from an A/V receiver with DTS:X technology?

DTS:X technology is commonly found in most multi-channel A/V receivers on the market today. All IMAX Enhanced A/V receivers include DTS:X technology and deliver additional features such as auto-sensing of IMAX Enhanced content via IMAX Mode. IMAX Mode indicates that your A/V receiver supports fully immersive IMAX signature sound.

What makes an IMAX Enhanced TV different from a regular 4K UHD TV?

IMAX Enhanced displays must meet additional requirements over and above what most 4K UHD TVs deliver today in order to receive IMAX Enhanced certification.

The IMAX Enhanced program features best-in-category displays that meet carefully prescribed performance standards across viewing mode, resolution, color, brightness, contrast, and sound capabilities. These stringent audio and video specifications have been defined by a certification committee of IMAX, DTS and Hollywood’s leading technical specialists to ensure all IMAX Enhanced devices deliver the highest-quality playback of picture and sound.

How do the products work together? Can I just buy a TV or a sound bar and not the entire suite of IMAX Enhanced products?

Yes! IMAX Enhanced products are designed to deliver the best possible experience, with exclusive benefits built in every step of the way. So even with just a single product, rest assured that you’re getting a better experience. However, when playing back IMAX Enhanced streaming content on both certified display and audio devices, the sum of the whole is greater than its parts—creating the most premium in-home entertainment experience anywhere.

What happens to the IMAX Enhanced experience if you don’t have the required number of speakers?

IMAX Enhanced content features soundtracks built upon the DTS:X codec. In the future, select high-end soundbars that are compatible with the DTS:X decoder will be certified by IMAX Enhanced, allowing spatial, surround sound that envelops your living room.

Can I still watch IMAX Enhanced content via streaming or Blu-ray Disc on a non-IMAX Enhanced TV?

If you stream an IMAX Enhanced movie on a non-IMAX Enhanced 4K HDR TV, you will still get the highest-quality 4K HDR picture on the device – however, the device will not deliver a fully optimized presentation compared to the experience on an IMAX Enhanced TV.

What content is currently available on IMAX Enhanced?

The IMAX Enhanced signature collection is ever-expanding, with current titles including Sony Pictures Entertainment’s Spider-Man: Far From Home (featuring over 45 minutes of exclusive expanded aspect ratio), Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, The Angry Birds Movie 2, as well as Paramount Pictures’ Terminator: Dark Fate, and much more.

Which streaming platforms currently offer IMAX Enhanced content?

In the US, FandangoNOW began streaming IMAX Enhanced content in September 2019, followed by Rakuten TV in European markets and Tsutaya in Japan. These platforms meet the high standard for IMAX Enhanced 4K HDR streaming. IMAX Enhanced will continue to expand across new streaming platforms in the coming months, offering consumers a new level of sight, sound and scale.



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IMAX Corporation (NYSE: IMAX) and audio leader DTS®, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xperi Corporation (Nasdaq: XPER), today announced the continued expansion of the IMAX® Enhanced ecosystem in partnership with Tsutaya, a leading online and physical entertainment retailer in Japan. Beginning later this year, Tsutaya will offer exclusive IMAX Enhanced movie titles through its over-the-top (OTT) […]

IMAX® Enhanced Announces Global Expansion With New Streaming Platforms, Blockbuster Movies and Device Partners

IMAX Corporation (NYSE: IMAX) and audio leader DTS®, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xperi Corporation (Nasdaq: XPER), today announced a significant expansion of the IMAX® Enhanced ecosystem spanning new streaming platforms, blockbuster movies, and device partners throughout the United States, Europe, and China. Launched a year ago today, IMAX Enhanced is a premier, immersive at-home entertainment […]


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Privilege 4K Movies App Streams IMAX Enhanced Content on Select Sony TVs

Owners of Sony IMAX Enhanced TVs are now able to download the Privilege 4K Movies app that delivers streaming IMAX Enhanced content to home viewers. The rollout of the app began earlier this week.

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Tencent Video, FandangoNOW, Privilege 4K and Rakuten TV to begin streaming first IMAX Enhanced titles from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and Paramount Pictures in 2019 Arcam, Elite, Integra, Lexicon, Onkyo, Pioneer, TCL and Trinnov join as device partners; Companies to debut new A/V receivers and televisions under Program throughout 2019 NEW YORK and SAN JOSE, […]

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Experience IMAX Enhanced at CES 2019!

Come experience an exclusive demo of the IMAX Enhanced program, a new level of quality in home entertainment, brought to you by IMAX and DTS, a wholly owned subsidiary of Xperi Corporation. Watch clearer pictures with brighter images, and feel heart-pounding sound delivered exclusively by DTS. This demo is estimated to last 10 minutes. This IMAX […]

IMAX Enhanced Arcam

ARCAM Gets IMAX Enhanced

Arcam has announced that its current range of AV Receivers including the AVR390, AVR550 and AVR850, along with its AV860 AV Processor has received the IMAX Enhanced certification. Available now via a firmware update, the three models see Arcam joining the only other AV Receiver manufacturers to partner with IMAX so far, Denon and Marantz. […]

What To Know About IMAX Enhanced

What To Know About IMAX Enhanced

After more than a generation of home theater being a thing, two companies — IMAX and DTS — have combined to create the first single certification for both home theater video and audio gear called IMAX Enhanced.

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5 innovative new TV technologies you need to know about

We’re enjoying an embarrassment of riches when it comes to TV technology right now. Whether it’s the panel you’re looking at (OLED, LED and QLED all offer fantastic-looking pictures) or the content you want to watch (4K streaming and Ultra HD Blu-rays mean consumers now have a choice of where to get their high-quality content), we’ve never had it so good.

Sound System

Denon & Marantz Reveal First IMAX Enhanced Audio Components

The first receivers and pre-processor with IMAX Enhanced functionality have been detailed. At CEDIA 2018, Denon and Marantz have announced several new audio components with IMAX Enhanced support. The collection includes the Denon AVR-X6500H ($2,199) and Denon AVR-X4500H ($1,599), and the Marantz AV7705 ($2,199).

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IMAX Targets The Living Room With New Video And Hardware ‘Standard’ [UPDATED]

Anyone who’s visited an IMAX cinema knows what a difference the format can make to the movie experience. Its huge format picture and cutting edge sound immerses you in the world of what you’re watching far more than a typical cinema set up. So AV fans will be excited to hear that IMAX is now turning its focus on the home cinema experience too.

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‘IMAX Enhanced’ promises the highest quality 4K in your living room

Today, IMAX announced a new program called IMAX Enhanced, which was launched in partnership with DTS. It’s a certification and licensing program that will allow users to play the highest quality 4K images and most powerful audio in the comfort of their own home.


Sony goes big on IMAX Enhanced with new projectors and certified flagship TVs

There are tons of huge announcements coming out of the CEDIA 2018 expo, but one of the most exciting is the IMAX Enhanced program, a collaboration between IMAX and DTS that certifies all sorts of A/V gear to promise that they deliver the best audio and visual experience possible.

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IMAX Corporation (NYSE: IMAX) and audio leader DTS®, a wholly owned subsidiary of Xperi Corporation (Nasdaq: XPER), today announced a new partnership for the next-generation of home entertainment with the launch of the IMAX® Enhanced program. The new certification and licensing program combines the highest-end consumer electronics products with IMAX digitally re-mastered 4K HDR content […]