August 3, 2022

ROLLING STONE: ‘Lightyear’ Is Here: Where to Stream the New Pixar Movie Online

“TO INFINITY, AND beyond!” the toy astronaut Buzz Lightyear famously said nearly 27 years ago in the original Toy Story movie. And now, with several films in the Disney and Pixar franchise, Toy Story fans will get to know the story that inspired one of Andy’s favorite toys from the 1995 animated classic.

Here’s how you can still find tickets to see Lightyear in theaters, and where you can stream it online right now.

Is Lightyear Going to Be on Disney+?

Yes, you can now stream Lightyear in IMAX Enhanced with your Disney+ subscription. The film arrived on the streaming platform on August 3, 2022, after it played in theaters starting in June. Anyone with a Disney+ plan can watch Lightyear online, and you can download the movie or add it to your GroupWatch through the app so multiple people can watch it together even if you’re not in the same room. Disney+ subscriptions start at $7.99 per month.


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