November 8, 2021

WSJ: IMAX Versions of ‘Shang-Chi’ and Other Marvel Films Coming to Disney+

“IMAX Corp. known for its big movie screens in big theaters with big sound, is coming to a smaller venue: your home.

Starting Friday, subscribers of Walt Disney Co.’s Disney+ streaming service will be able to watch “Shang-Chi,” “Black Widow” and 11 other Marvel movies in their IMAX formats.

The companies said it is the first time an IMAX version of a movie has been available on a major streaming service.

Disney+ subscribers won’t have to pay extra, even though IMAX showings usually cost several dollars more than a regular movie ticket. The 13 Marvel movies will automatically play in IMAX and users will have the option to switch to the regular format if they want.

The IMAX versions of the movie show 26% more of the picture on the screen, and no special TV or gear is needed, IMAX said.”

By Joseph Pisani

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